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JP-H03162566-A: Formation of thin film and thin film forming device, element, electro-magnetic device, information recording and reproducing device, signal processor and formation of molten crystal patent, JP-H03261573-A: Reduction printing system patent, JP-H03264149-A: Mechanism for attaching/detaching tie bar patent, JP-H03281815-A: Vibration tamping method and device thereof patent, JP-H03297596-A: Welding wire excellent in detachability of welding slag patent, JP-H0348760-A: Oxygen concentration sensor with heater patent, JP-H0356380-A: Control-driving device for elevator patent, JP-H0389321-A: Liquid crystal electro-optical device and its manufacture patent, JP-H04136431-A: Revolution speed controller for prime mover patent, JP-H04193933-A: High strength martensitic stainless steel having high corrosion resistance, production and use thereof patent, JP-H04197878-A: Steering apparatus for working vehicle patent, JP-H0429444-A: Packet switchboard patent, JP-H04308584-A: Novel benzoisooxazole and benzoisothiazole compound, their production and medicament composition patent, JP-H044540-A: Crt mask pitch inspecting device patent, JP-H0449510-A: Adjusting device for magnetic recording and reproducing device patent, JP-H04500933-A: patent, JP-H049597-A: Aluminum fin material for heat exchanger and manufacture thereof patent, JP-H05116063-A: Automated spindle slurry system patent, JP-H05117955-A: 筒状不織布とその製造方法 patent, JP-H05159104-A: 文字認識通信システム patent, JP-H05162754-A: Bag for recycling waste material patent, JP-H05172687-A: リーク箇所検出方法 patent, JP-H05220635-A: Parts assembling commanding system patent, JP-H05236058-A: 通信制御におけるウィンドウサイズの自動チューニング方法 patent, JP-H05259120-A: Plasma processing chamber for magnetic field increasing type patent, JP-H05299066-A: 電池および電池用外装材 patent, JP-H05303920-A: Salt-damage prevention process for pole transformer bushing patent, JP-H0581290-A: Market display device patent, JP-H06133589-A: ボイラ給水制御装置 patent, US-6028247-A: Plant C18:1 preferring thioesterases patent, JP-H06151046-A: Area heating element patent, JP-H06238881-A: Pad for cylinder cleaning device patent, JP-H06264608-A: Constructing method for prefabricated scaffolding patent, JP-H06280752-A: 回転ポンプ用インナーロータの製造方法 patent, JP-H06296695-A: Catheter tube and endoscope patent, JP-H0635380-A: 像担持体の支持構造 patent, JP-H0652145-A: 保修支援装置 patent, JP-H06583-A: チタン及びその合金の鋳造用中子 patent, JP-H0676473-A: ディスク装置 patent, JP-H0692495-A: 用紙供給装置とそれを用いる像形成装置 patent, JP-H07108255-A: Control method for vacuum pump system patent, JP-H07174448-A: Mounting structure of drink selling refrigerator at vehicle patent, JP-H07202218-A: 薄膜集積回路 patent, JP-H0775760-A: Sorter for waste patent, JP-H08235803-A: 磁気記録再生装置および磁気ヘッド支持機構 patent, JP-H08332555-A: モールドパウダ散布装置 patent, JP-H09127677-A: Photomask and its production patent, JP-S50126661-A: patent, JP-S5257731-A: Light source for information reading element patent, JP-S5314426-A: Hydrooburner patent, JP-S5337559-A: Automatic welding machine patent, JP-S5361486-A: Vacuum sealing packing method patent, JP-S5368442-A: Burner using atomized water patent, JP-S538219-A: Core in aquaous ink ball pen and method of securing holder patent, JP-S56101601-A: Disk player patent, JP-S56103211-A: Preparation of copolymer patent, JP-S56144842-A: Method and equipment for regeneration of heat recovery type casting waste sand patent, JP-S5690892-A: Reformer patent, JP-S57135827-A: Partially or fully continuous manufacture of polyester from bisphenol and dicarboxylic acid by esterification polymerization and products thereby patent, JP-S57147279-A: Field effect transistor using amorphous silicon and manufacture of insulating film for the same transistor patent, JP-S57182688-A: Electronic timepiece of analog display patent, JP-S57183549-A: Exhaust gas recirculating device for compound intake internal combustion engine patent, JP-S57192958-A: Electrophotographic recording material and manufacture thereof patent, JP-S5782632-A: Electric heater patent, JP-S58145341-A: Continuous casting method of metal patent, JP-S58160214-A: Device for turning in film for packing in packer patent, JP-S58163719-A: Polyester fiber and preparation thereof patent, JP-S58182601-A: Synthetic resin lens patent, JP-S58187075-A: Facsimile device provided with document synthetic function patent, JP-S58214711-A: Method for automatically controlling combustion of refuse incinerator patent, JP-S58224135-A: Method for recovering mercury from waste water patent, JP-S59113659-A: Mos dynamic memory patent, JP-S59144458-A: Health bed patent, JP-S59161067-A: Manufacture of bipolar type semiconductor device patent, JP-S5948365-A: Elevator controller patent, JP-S595235-A: Automatic printing control device in diazo type copying machine patent, JP-S5954555-A: Styrene-butadiene block copolymer film patent, JP-S5955286-A: Method and apparatus for automatically cutting decorative yarn of flat multi-needle sewing machine patent, JP-S60210274-A: Golf club set patent, JP-S60212413-A: Random styrene-butadiene copolymer rubber having high styrene content patent, JP-S6044629-A: Rubber metallic bush patent, JP-S6076538-A: Introduction of solution-form additive on polymer surface and products obtained thereby patent, JP-S61103465-A: Apparatus for automatically supplying prescribed number of pinballs in pinball type combined game machine patent, JP-S61111443-A: Liquid sensor patent, JP-S61199978-A: Thermal transfer recorder patent, JP-S61212296-A: Production of branched oligosaccharide syrup patent, JP-S61224319-A: Ion beam processing method and device thereof patent, JP-S61251137-A: Laser beam lithography and its equipment patent, JP-S61285964-A: Clear liquid whiteness improver for frozen ground fish meat or marine fish paste product and production using said improver patent, JP-S6159867-A: Semiconductor integrated circuit device patent, JP-S6162712-A: Combustion diagnostic equipment patent, JP-S616406-A: Impulse machine operated by fluid and accumulator thereof patent, JP-S6169510-A: Method of holding and processing continuously fed continuouslength at regular interval patent, JP-S6183743-A: Sound blocking panel having sound absorbing material patent, JP-S6192773-A: Method for assembling and fixing metallic members to each other patent, JP-S6196979-A: Interval control apparatus patent, JP-S62107541-A: Power line carrier communication repeater patent, JP-S62113747-A: Manufacture of calcium silicate formed body patent, JP-S62140465-A: Manufacture of thin-film transistor patent, JP-S62168356-A: Ribbon cable processing apparatus patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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